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The working principle of industrial vacuum cleaner

Source: time:2017-10-27

Industrial vacuum cleaner, as its name implies is to collect, filter in the industrial production of waste, to purify the air of a kind of electrical appliances, industrial vacuum cleaners are used in the textile industry and chemical industry, study the working principle and characteristics of industrial vacuum cleaners and other information, will help us better understand the use of industrial vacuum cleaners.

The working principle of industrial vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners using multistage high-pressure blower, vortex blower, vortex air pump equipment into a vacuum inside the barrel body, makes the negative pressure increases rapidly, the inside air quickly through the air inlet into the barrel body, barrel dust brush and vacuum tube, the flow of air to collect and deal with solid particles into the barrel body, filter bag into the air inlet, the inner surface of the solid is attached to the filter bag, the filtration of air through the filter bag at the beginning of the aperture, then through secondary filter cartridge, can make the air to achieve the emission standard.


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