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Dust-free dry sanding machine Operatin Instruction

Source: time:2017-10-25

 "Magic power" dust-free dry grinding system is a set of high automatic suction devices that are suitable for coarse, medium and fine grinding, starting and stopping microcomputer control. It is a new breakthrough in dry grinding system. According to the following instructions and precautions, the overall work efficiency of dry grinding will be improved and the service life of the equipment can be extended. This product adopts the most advanced European technology similar product design and production, on the basis of traditional products modified, use of electric, pneumatic grinding sander this design can completely eliminate due to the limitation of electricity or gas, and can make the grinding tool life extension, high safety coefficient, convenient use, etc

Functions and features

1.       Super-silent motor/strong power

2.       Microcomputer control auto matically starts and stops, easy to operate and save energy.

3.       The main engine can be turned on and off manually

4.       Large suction power, work with sander dust collected more than 95%

5.       Vacuum turbine motor, low noise, strong suction, long working times.

6.       Perfect environmental protection effect, improve spray paint quality.

7.       Come with specialized HEPA filer, double filtration ensures the service lift of the motor, no need dust bag, save the cost.

8.       Stainless steel body of the machine match with the convenient shelving, perfect design and can be movably.

9.       High quality, complete parts, reasonable price puls best after-sales service.


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